Places to Visit in Darjeeling


Chowrasta became famous for being the centre of heart and activity in Darjeeling. Attractive and active, Chowrasta can be found located in the middle of this lovely hill resort. Surrounded by an exciting range of people, shops and items for sale, ... Read More>>


Ghoom is a hillside resort, rising high into the sky at an altitude of 2,400 metres. Besides being a beautiful place to take pictures, relax with a picnic on top the swooping hills and dipping valleys, or fly a kite and ... Read More>>

Himalayan Zoological Park

The Himalayan Zoological Park is located at high altitude up in the hills, creating the perfect setting for the amazing goal it was implemented to reach. Thus far, the Zoological Park has exceeded its main purpose of making a safe and ... Read More>>

Observatory Hill

Observatory Hill is known for being the oldest site in Darjeeling, as well as for the profound and enticing legends behind its existence. It is believed that in this very location, Lord Indra’s thunderbolt fell directly where Observatory Hill is situated. Everyone ... Read More>>

Tea Plantations

The Darjeeling tea estates, such as the world renowned Happy Valley Tea Plantation, are the biggest attractions in the entire West Bengal. Not only do any tourists visiting Darjeeling make it a point to schedule a wonderful field day exploring the ... Read More>>

Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill will provide you with the most enticing view of the Eastern Himalayan peaks. It’s the highest point in all of Darjeeling; seeming to almost be designed perfectly for the most breathtaking deliverance of sights. Standing atop Tiger Hill on ... Read More>>

Toy Train

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is a beloved attraction in Darjeeling, joyfully ridden by local people and drawing the attention of others the world. The Toy Train is the ultimate and dynamic sign of this city, one that many people are affectionate ... Read More>>